What is a dream and how does it relate to your life?

A dream is defined by, Merriam Dictionary (2019), as a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep; a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal (Merriam Dictionary, 2019).

A dream is a start to anything you want to accomplish in life, think about it, you had to dream it to achieve it.

What is your dream?  Is it just a dream or have you made it a goal and started trying to achieve it, yet? Ask yourself are you living your dream? If not why aren’t you doing something about it?

Do you understand how a dream relates to your life yet? 

Dreams apply because all of us have them. Everyone has dreams, but many of us fail to act on them. We let them stay dreams, wandering around in our thoughts, never really allowing them to happen. I encourage you to make a goal out of your dream. If you can dream it you definitely can achieve it!

Think about it, you had a vision of something, an actual idea. Why wouldn’t you be able to achieve it? That dream was given to you for a purpose, it wasn’t just random, Dreams are our visions of something different.

Remember a dream is just a dream until you make it a reality! Have faith in yourself, dream big and make your dreams come true. It takes a dreamer to make this beautiful world we live in!

Don’t forget you were born for a purpose! It is up to you to find that purpose and tap into its greatness! It is up to you to follow your dreams to achieve your purpose!



“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work”

Colin Powell

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe”

Gail Devers

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world”

Harriet Tubman



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What is self-control and how does it apply to your life? 

Self-control is defined as the ability to control oneself, in particular, one’s emotions and desires or the expression of them in one’s behavior, especially in difficult situations (Self-Control – Google Search, 2019).

Self-Control is just what it says, to have control over yourself. Meaning you know how to control your attitude; you know how to control what comes out of your mouth in a positive manner.

Self-Control means you know how to act accordingly. You know the appropriate way to act when you encounter situations throughout your day. Self-Control is growth, in adulthood. It means you don’t allow the strenuous things that you encounter bother you.

Do you understand how self-control applies to your life yet?

Self-Control applies because many of you lack it. You don’t control your attitude when someone upsets you. You do not remain positive you choose to react in a negative manner. You allow your feelings to take over and you’re quick to react.

Think about it, when you are quick to react to something you don’t allow yourself the time to think about it. So, you react in a negative manner. It is usually in a negative manner because you allow past experiences to dictate how you will react to current situations.

Self-Control is important to have, especially in today’s world. There are too many hot-headed people walking around who do not have self-control. We cannot be responsible for how others act but we can be responsible for how we respond to how they act.

I encourage you to practice self-control. You will encounter many things along your journey in life, it is wise to be positive and embrace things as they come. Remember all battles are not yours to fight, and that is where self-control comes in.

When you practice self-control you allow yourself to pick and choose the battles you fight! Everything doesn’t need a reaction! Remember silence speaks louder than words!

I encourage you to practice self-control because it will allow you to remain positive in a negative situation. Remember you were born for a purpose, it is up to you to find that purpose and tap into its greatness! Stop letting things hinder you from that purpose!



““Never respond to an angry person with a fiery comeback, even if he deserves it…Don’t allow his anger to become your anger”

Bohdi Sanders,

“God has equipped you to handle difficult things. In fact, He has already planted the seeds of discipline and self-control inside you. You just have to water those seeds with His Word to make them grow”

Joyce Meyer

“Self-control is one mark of a mature person; it applies to control of language, physical treatment of others, and the appetites of the body”

Joseph B. Wirthlin







What is an opportunity and how does it apply to your life? 

Opportunity is defined as a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something (Opportunity – Google Search, 2019).

Opportunity is a chance to do something. When there is an opportunity there is hope. It is the possibility of something different to occur.

Opportunities are given to us every day we just don’t see them. Think about it, you walk around with a negative attitude or you entertain negative energy. You allow people and situations to steal your joy, which causes you to resist. So you don’t see the opportunity.

When we resist we resist the possibility of opening our mind to something different. We resist the messages being sent to us through the experiences we encounter. Resisting is negative and when we resist an opportunity we resist an opportunity to grow as a person.

Do you understand how opportunity applies to your life yet?

Opportunity applies because many of you are passing up opportunities every day! You fail to acknowledge things that are opportunities for advancement towards your purpose in life!

You resist the messages or hints that are being sent from your creator and you fail to follow through with your purpose in life. You allow negative situations to dictate how you carry yourself. When you resist you miss the opportunity.

I encourage you to embrace every opportunity that is given to you in life in a positive manner. Every experience you have in life is a lesson. It is up to you to see the lesson and find the opportunity in everything you encounter,

Remember you were born for a purpose it is up to you to find that purpose and tap into its greatness. Learn to see the oppurtunity in everything you do. Live your life to the fullest, embracing every opportunity that enhances your growth and leads you to your purpose.


“Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again. That’s the way life is, with a new game every day, and that’s the way baseball is”

Bob Feller

“Life is not always easy to live, but the opportunity to do so is a blessing beyond comprehension. In the process of living, we will face struggles, many of which will cause us to suffer and to experience pain”

L. Lionel Kendrick

“Without change, there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable”

William Pollard




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What is worth and how does it apply to your life?

Worth is defined as equivalent in value to the sum or item specified; the value equivalent to that of someone or something under consideration; the level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated (Worth-Google Search, 2019). 

Know your worth! It’s simple, know what you are worthy of and don’t accept anything less than that!

Some of you are in a relationship or friendship that is not worth the time or effort you put into it.  Some of you waste your time being angry for no reason! Seriously, think about it? If something or someone is not bringing value to your life then why are you entertaining it? It is not worth your time or energy!

Do you understand how worth applies to your life yet?

Worth applies because many of you are giving value to something that is not worth your energy! It is definitely not worth your time. You are worthy of something great, so why do you waste your time on things or people that do not bring value to you, or your life?

Those things that are not worthy of your energy, are distractions placed in your life to keep you from your purpose! That is why it is up to you to know what you are worth! Only you know what value you have; what value you place on yourself!

I encourage you to know your worth! Know the value that your life has! Remember you were born for a purpose and it is up to you to find that purpose and tap into its greatness!



“I’ve always found that anything worth achieving will always have obstacles in the way and you’ve got to have that drive and determination to overcome those obstacles on route to whatever it is that you want to accomplish”

Chuck Norris
“Surround yourself with the right people, and realize your own worth. Honestly, there are enough bad people out there in the world – you don’t need to be your own worst enemy”

Lucy Hale

“I do know one thing about me: I don’t measure myself by others’ expectations or let others define my worth”

Sonia Sotomayor

“The climb might be tough and challenging, but the view is worth it. There is a purpose for that pain; you just can’t always see it right away”

Victoria Arlen



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What is anger and how does it apply to your life?

Anger is defined as a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility; fill (someone) with anger; provoke anger in (Anger – Google Search, 2019). 

There are many reasons why people experience anger, We can experience anger because of lack of patience, lack of understanding, or maybe you don’t feel appreciated or you have been betrayed. Or maybe you are just fed up and frustrated.

Do you understand how anger applies to your life yet? 

Anger applies because it makes you block out everything, and you just focus on what’s making you angry. Which allows you to enable the anger to manifest. Which causes you to have a nasty attitude or disposition about yourself.

You are in a negative state of mind when you have anger. It makes you feel some type of way, usually in a rage. Which causes you to react to everything around you in a negative way. You do this by taking your anger out on someone else, or something else.

Your personal experiences usually determine how you react to your anger.  Just like any experience you have dealt with in your past, those experiences always play a part in the way you react to something or someone in the future. Think about it, you either learned from it or you didn’t!

It is up to you to understand why you have anger and deal with it. You can’t grow if you are stuck on being negative. You can’t be angry and expect positive things to happen.

I encourage you to remain positive and don’t allow yourself to have anger. Remember you were born for a purpose and it is up to you to find that purpose. You can’t find your purpose if you are busy being angry.


“Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy”


“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured”

Mark Twain

“I realized that if my thoughts immediately affect my body, I should be careful about what I think. Now if I get angry, I ask myself why I feel that way. If I can find the source of my anger, I can turn that negative energy into something positive”

Yoko Ono


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What is change and how does it apply to your life?

Change is defined as to make or become different; take or use another instead of; the act or instance of making or becoming different (change – Google Search 2019).

Change means to do something different, not to repeat the same thing. Change allows us the opportunity to grow, to not be the same as before. Change is good! You should never want to be so comfortable in life that you don’t want to change! We all have room to grow!

Some people fear change, I understand, but you can’t allow that fear to hold you back from growth. Change needs to be considered as good, not as fear. When you fear something you resist it, you don’t want to embrace it. Change is something you should embrace in a positive manner.

Do you understand how change applies to your life yet?

Change applies because you as a person are constantly changing! You have grown since birth so it is inevitable that your life will change as well. Your mind, body, and spirit will change over time, everything does. That is what life is about; change and growth.

Change happens, so you have no choice but to accept it. Never be so comfortable in life that you don’t want to change things in your life, or to be the change in the world!

Remember you were born for a purpose, it is up to you to grow into that purpose. I encourage you to accept change as good and allow growth to take place in your life!



“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world”

Harriet Tubman

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. John F. Kennedy



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What is hesitation and how does it apply to your life?

Hesitation is defined as the act of hesitating: a delay due to the uncertainty of the mind or fear: state of doubt or uncertainty (Dictionary, 2019).

Hesitation can sometimes be confused with indecision. Indecision is a state of not being able to decide. Hesitation is different because it means you are considering other things, or you are allowing doubt to set in. Or you are just not sure about something.

Do you understand, hesitation, and how it applies to your life yet? 

Hesitation applies because many of you are hesitating about something right now! You either have doubt about something or you are not so sure about something, so you are hesitating in completing it. Stop doubting yourself and do it already!!! 

How do you stop hesitation? To tell you the truth, hesitation is not necessarily bad. You don’t always want to stop it. Hesitation in certain situations can be good. Think about it, when you hesitate to get involved in questionable situations, that is good.

Hesitation can also cause you to overthink things, and miss out on opportunities. Maybe you hesitate to participate in activities or outings, and because you hesitated you missed out on being involved in something. Your hesitation caused you to miss out on an opportunity to be involved in something good, or maybe to make a new friend.

To sum it up, hesitation is not necessarily good or bad. Hesitation is in us all. Be wise and think about situations that you encounter. Think about why you are hesitating, it could be your spirit telling you it’s not good for you, or it could be you overthinking it.

Remember you were born for a purpose, it is up to you to find that purpose and tap into its greatness. You can’t find your purpose if you are hesitating!



“To teach how to live without certainty and yet without being paralyzed by hesitation is perhaps the chief thing that philosophy, in our age, can do for those who study it”

Bertrand Russell

“The first test of a truly great man is his humility. By humility, I don’t mean doubt of his powers or hesitation in speaking his opinion, but merely an understanding of the relationship of what he can say and what he can do”

John Ruskin



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