What are labels and how do they apply to your life?

A label is defined as a small piece of paper, fabric, plastic, or similar material attached to an object and giving information about it; a classifying phrase or name applied to a person or thing, especially one that is inaccurate or restrictive (Google Search, 2019).

A label is what you give something, or someone, kind of like a title. When I think of labeling I tend to think of putting a label on a box or on a food item for the fridge.

I never really thought about how I categorize events in my life or people. I label events in my life, just like anyone else. I label them as good, bad or ugly. I never really understood how, me, labeling someone had such significance.

Do you understand how labels apply to your life yet?

Labels apply to your life because everyone uses labels. Rather we use them for labeling something or someone we use them. When we use labels for labeling boxes, merchandise, etc., and that is used for good.

When you use labels for people we use it in a bad term. We often label people according to our encounters with them.  We use the way we felt at the time of the encounter as a label. Think about it, we place people into categories. If it was a good encounter we label them as a good person if it was a bad encounter we label them as a bad person. 

I encourage you to take a second look at the labels you place on people, or even some situations you have encountered. Every person is not bad and neither is every situation. There is good in everything and everybody, you just have to find it. 

Be careful with the labels you place, once they are there it takes more energy to get them out of that category than it did to place them in it. Stop wasting your time and energy on things that hinder you from your purpose in life. 

Remember you were born for a purpose, it is up to you to find that purpose and tap into its greatness. 



“I don’t like labels. I think they conceal more than they reveal, sort of like a bikini”

Arlen Specter

“You don’t just wake up one day and decide who you are. I hope that people see that it’s okay not to have labels nor label anyone else. Step back. We’re all just trying to figure it out”

Rita Volk







What is an expectation and how does it apply to your life?

An expectation is defined as a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future; a belief that someone will or should achieve something (Google Search, 2019).

An expectation is something you are waiting on, something you expect. Expectations are healthy to have, because they allow you to set standards for yourself . You should always be clear on your expectations with not only yourself but others.

Expectations come from the way you think, the way you feel about things. If you have a positive way of thinking then you expect positive things to happen. If you have a negative way of thinking then more than likely you will have negative expectations.

Do you understand how expectations play a part in your life yet?

Expectations play a part in your life because we all have them. Many of you have an expectation of something but lack the effort in making that expectation happen. I say this because you have an expectation of something to happen but you lack the effort in finding resources to make that expectation a reality.

If your expectations reflect your way of thinking, then you should always surround yourself with positive people who provide you with positive energy so that you will have a positive mentality.

Ask yourself what expectations do you have in life? What expectations do you have of others? What expectations do you have for yourself?

I encourage you to have high expectations in life and have a positive way of thinking so that you can ensure your expectations are met.

Remember you were born for a purpose! It is up to you to find that purpose and tap into its greatness.


“Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations.”

Earl Nightingale

“In the egoic state, your sense of self, your identity, is derived from your thinking mind – in other words, what your mind tells you about yourself: the storyline of you, the memories, the expectations, all the thoughts that go through your head continuously and the emotions that reflect those thoughts. All those things make up your sense of self” Eckhart Tolle

“If you paint in your mind a picture of bright and happy expectations, you put yourself into a condition conducive to your goal”

Norman Vincent Peale



What is resilience and how does it apply to your life?

Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness; the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity (Google Search, 2019).

Resilience is the ability to withstand anything and to bounce back. Resilience is the ability to keep moving forward in life, and not giving up.

Resilience is the ability to adapt well when you face problems such as a tragedy, difficulties or misfortune, or a traumatic event. When you have resilience you are able to handle threats or significant sources of stress, such as relationships, or family issues.

Do you understand how resilience plays a part in your life yet?

Resilience plays a part in your life because many of you lack it. Resilience means you are able to adapt quickly or bounce back when you are faced with the day to day stress from life. And as you already know many of you lack that ability or you wouldn’t be in the situations that you are in now.

Having resilience is the ability to understand yourself and how you react to situations, what you can handle and what you can’t. Having resilience means you are able to take each situation and turn it into a lesson an opportunity, to move to the next level in life.

Having resilience does not mean that you don’t experience difficulties or stress it just means you are able to handle the situation and bounce back from it.

I encourage you to take each lesson in life as an opportunity to learn and grow, as you do this your resilience will build. Remember you were born for a purpose and it is up to you to find that purpose.

Having resilience will assist you in reaching your purpose!



“There will always be obstacles and challenges that stand in your way. Building mental strength will help you develop resilience to those potential hazards so you can continue on your journey to success”

Amy Morin
“When we tackle obstacles, we find hidden reserves of courage and resilience we did not know we had. And it is only when we are faced with failure do we realize that these resources were always there within us. We only need to find them and move on with our lives”

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

“Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected. Sustainability is about survival. The goal of resilience is to thrive.”

Jamais Cascio





What does significance mean and how does it apply to your life?

Significance is defined as the quality of being worthy of attention, of importance; the meaning to be found in words or events (Google Search, 2019).

Significance is something to the extent of mattering, it takes preference over other things. Significance is so important that it matters more than anything else in your life.

Significance means it has value. When you feel something has significance in your life you will go above and beyond to make sure that it is a priority and is taken care of, no matter what!

Do you understand how significance plays a part in your life yet?

Significance plays a part in your life because many of you are making things have significance that should not have it! Ask yourself what has significance in your life? What is so important that you would go above and beyond to make sure it is taken care of every day?

I encourage you to look at the things that you are making a priority in your life, or that you are giving significance too. Ask yourself are they worth the value you place on them? Are they giving you something to value at all?

Giving something or someone significance in your life is important, make sure you know if the experience or person is valuable enough to have significance. Don’t get me wrong every experience you encounter is important, and so is every person. But not all of them deserve significance or value in your life!

Giving significance to something or someone in your life is like giving them a piece of your power. You have to be careful when giving your power away. That is why it is important to evaluate what you are giving significance to in your life.

When you give too much power to something or someone you hinder yourself from your purpose in life, it prolongs you. You hinder yourself because you are not focused on what is important, you gave significance to something that should not have significance! Think about it, that’s why you’re not feeling peace with the person or situation, That is why there is so much strife in your life right now! Because you have your priorities mixed up.

Ask yourself are the things you are giving significance to a waste of time? Are they worth anything to you? Does it really deserve to have priority in your life at all?

Remember you were born for a purpose it is up to you to find that purpose and to tap into its greatness. I encourage you to place significance on those things that really matter, those things that lead you to your purpose and not away from it!  Not everyone or everything needs to have significance in your life.

You have a purpose! You just have to focus and find it!



“The events in our lives happen in a sequence in time, but in their significance, to ourselves, they find their own order the continuous thread of revelation”

Eudora Welty

“The Spirit of the Holy Ghost is the teacher in the temple. He teaches principles of eternal significance. It is during these instructions that we see the relationship between the earthly and the eternal. We must remember that the Spirit teaches only those who are teachable”

L. Lionel Kendrick

“I feel the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance”

Pablo Casals



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What is self-reflection and how does it apply to your life?

Self-reflection is defined as meditation or serious thought about one’s character, actions, and motives.  (Google Search, 2019).

Self-reflection is what it says, to reflect on oneself, to reflect on your actions and encounters. Self-reflection is where you recap your experiences and figure out how they could have gone better. Self-reflection is something that should be done daily.

Self-reflection allows you to develop self-awareness. Self- reflection also improves how you interact with others and how you respond during difficult situations.

Do you understand how self-reflection applies to your life yet?

Self- reflection applies to your life because many of you lack the effort when it comes to reflection. Many of you would rather continue walking around with a messed up attitude instead of fixing it and becoming happy.

Many of you would benefit from self-reflectionSelf- reflection allows you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses. Self-reflection helps you understand what type of person you are and what type of energy you put out into the world.

Self-reflection will assist you with growing into your purpose. I encourage you to self- reflect daily. Remember you were born for a purpose, it is up to you find that purpose and tap into its greatness.



“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest”


“A battle lost or won is easily described, understood, and appreciated, but the moral growth of a great nation requires reflection, as well as observation, to appreciate it”

Frederick Douglass

“I learned a few years ago that balance is the key to a happy and successful life, and a huge part of achieving that balance is to instill rituals into your everyday life – a nutritious balanced diet, daily exercise, time for yourself through meditation, reading, journaling, yoga, daily reflection, and setting goals”

Gretchen Bleiler




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What is a burden and how does it apply to your life?

A Burden is defined as a load, typically a heavy one (Google -Search, 2019).

A burden is a heavy stressful feeling.  A Burden is like a weight you have attached to your mind that you can’t let go of. A burden is that negative feeling you get when you take on too much in life.

A burden is a negative energy! You shouldn’t walk around in life carrying around burdens. A burden keeps you from moving forward in life! A burden allows you to become distracted from what’s important.

Do you understand how a burden applies to your life yet?

A Burden applies because we all have carried one or two in our lifetime. Some of you are carrying some right now! Those burdens you are carrying are hindering you from your purpose in life! I encourage you to let that burden go! Release it!

If you don’t let that burden go it will prevent you from growing into what you were destined to become. If you don’t let that burden go you will continue to carry around stress and frustration. It is important to understand what your burdens are in order to eliminate them.

Ask yourself what burdens do you hold?  Ask yourself why are you holding onto them? Are they worth the time and energy you are giving them?

Please understand that any negative energy or negative attitude, or negative anything will continue to hold you back from your purpose in life! It is up to you to understand your burdens. It is up to you to deal with them as well.

If you are in fact holding onto a burden, I encourage you to let it go. I encourage you to remain positive and continue to live your life in a positive manner. Let go of anything that doesn’t allow growth in your life.

Remember you were born for a purpose! It is up to you to find that purpose and fulfill your destiny.


“For the poison of hatred seated near the heart doubles the burden for the one who suffers the disease; he is burdened with his own sorrow and groans on seeing another’s happiness.”


“Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible”

Maya Angelou



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What is authentic and how does it apply to your life?

Authentic is defined as of undisputed origin; genuine (Gogle-Search, 2019).

Authentic means being true to yourself. You are not swayed by others opinions, you stand on what is true to you! Authentic is good because you keep it real in life. You don’t try to be different. You are who you are!

You have to understand the value of being authentic.  Being authentic should be held to a high value because it means, your values have not been tainted. Being authentic means to not be copied, nor falsified.

Authentic is being true to your values and morals. It means you are true to your beliefs. It means you don’t allow others to change your opinion. You stay true to yourself and what you believe in!

Do you understand how authentic applies to your life yet?

Authentic applies because many of you are not being true to yourself!  You aren’t keeping it real! You are trying your best to fit into things or with people that you are not meant to be with or in. Some of you are attempting to be something you are not!

Being authentic is positive. You should always remain true to yourself, otherwise, you will lose your way in life. If you don’t remain authentic in life it will delay you from finding your purpose.

Think about it, if you’re not being authentic you are trying to be something you are not! When you try to be something you are not it delays you from your purpose because it distracts you and causes you more chaos than needed.

Remember you were born for a purpose and it is up to you to find that purpose. Be authentic and don’t ever let someone sway you from your beliefs or values. Remember to be genuine, greatness is in you! You just have to tap into it!



“Authenticity is everything! You have to wake up every day and look in the mirror, and you want to be proud of the person who’s looking back at you. And you can only do that if you’re being honest with yourself and being a person of high character. You have an opportunity every single day to write that story of your life”

Aaron Rodgers

“Authenticity can’t be replicated or faked. You’re either real or you’re not”

Bibi Bourelly