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Author Info:

My name is Kiki, and I am the author of Kiki’s World. I am 43 years old, I have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. I graduated in May of 2015 with a BS(CRJ), and in June of 2018, I graduated with an MS(ABA). I am currently seeking supervision hours and studying to take my boards to become a licensed BCBA.

Why did I start the blog?

I started the blog in June of 2018, after I finished my Master’s Degree, for a few reasons. First I wanted to empower people. I think sometimes we as people get lost along the way of life, so a guide is helpful.  I wish I had someone to hold my hand and guide me along the way of my journey. I want to share my experiences and the barriers I faced, and how I overcame them.  Second I am in the process of starting a non-profit organization that will focus on empowering people so a blog is a perfect way to spread empowerment. My third reason for the blog is to promote the books that I wrote about my life experiences and the lessons I learned from them.

Why did I call the blog Kikis world?

I named the blog Kiki’s World because Kiki is the name my best friend gave me in French class many years ago. My best friend passed away early (2018), and I miss him dearly. He used to tell me I had my own lingo and it was kiki’s world. So with that being said, I named my blog Kikis World. I am from St Louis, Missouri and this is why I placed STL in the title. I want to empower people so hence the ending of the title. So that is how I put together Kikis World STL Empowering People.

About my book:

The first book  “My Journey Through Chaos: How Setbacks Are Really Setups for Something Better”. My second book” His Story, Her Story, My Story, Our Story; Ripple Effects”. I hosted a book reading the first week of October 2018. If you would like more information on the books or my blog feel free to contact me.

Thank you for supporting Kikis World STL,