What is a distraction and how does it apply to your life?

A distraction is defined by, Merriam Dictionary (2018), as a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else ( Merriam Dictionary 2018).

A distraction is that thing that hinders you from focusing on what is important. It distracts you from your purpose!

A distraction can be something as simple as an argument, or maybe you encountered a rude person. Those distractions are meant to hinder you from having a positive day.

Do you understand how a distraction applies to your life yet?

A distraction applies because it makes you focus on something other than what is important. Understanding what a distraction is will help you identify what is important to participate in and not to participate in, on a daily basis.

A distraction can be identifiable, you just have to understand what they are.  A distraction is that thing that takes you out of your element. A distraction redirects your attention to the negative instead of allowing you to focus on the positive.

A distraction is a negative energy, recognize when you are being distracted and when you are not. The little things that don’t matter are a distraction. I encourage you to recognize what is important in your life. Remember you were born for a purpose, and anything that hinders you from that purpose is a distraction.

I encourage you to focus on the positive, and find your purpose in life! Stay away from the distractions! Recognize what is good for you and what is meant to hinder you!



“The hard part about following your purpose is the distraction everyone pulls you toward”

Kimbal Musk

“When there are thoughts, it is a distraction: when there are no thoughts, it is meditation”

Ramana Maharshi



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