2nd & Last Peak @ My Book!

Just a piece of my book, if you want to read the rest you will have to purchase it! Stay tuned for release dates!



So, feel my heart when I say it’s a huge accomplishment to have not only a high school
diploma but two degrees on top of that; it’s actually remarkable. My strength to strive has always come through all the negative energy I’ve received throughout my life.

My constant has been my children and my faith in God, knowing He wouldn’t have given me a vision if He didn’t want to see me accomplish it. The struggle is real when you have a goal to obtain—such as my goal to earn my master’s—and no one understands why you’re doing it or what’s its purpose, and sometimes even you don’t understand why you’re doing it!

I learned a few years ago that my vision is mine, that it isn’t for everybody; if it were, then they would all be clones, moving in lock step. Instead, my faith in knowing my vision is mine made me press on harder, made me open my mind to something new—like being a different person, a better mother, a better daughter, a better sister, a
better student, and of course, a better Yaya (that’s my grandkids’ name for me)!

On this journey, I learned lessons I never dreamed I would; I never thought I’d be where I am today.





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