Where’s The Handbook?

What is a handbook and how does it apply to life?

A handbook is defined by, Websters New World Dictionary (2018), as a book giving information such as facts on a particular subject or instructions for operating a machine (Agnes 2018). A handbook is a reference, like an instruction manual. It has side notes, definitions, directions, how to reset things,  you name it a handbook should have it.

Have you ever wished you had a handbook to deal with something going on in your life? I have! I wish I had a handbook for every situation I have ever encountered. Maybe then I would not have made the decisions that I made along the way. Or maybe when I encountered someone I would have handled it differently.

So do you understand how a handbook applies to life? Not yet, well let me explain. Because I need one that is why!!! So if I need one, then I’m sure someone else does!

Ask yourself, have you ever had a situation that you encountered and you didn’t have any guidance and for some reason whatever it was didn’t come with instructions so you handled it the best way you knew how? I have!

It was not until late in life that I realized, I myself was allowing the pains of my past to hinder me from what I am destined to become. I allowed all the emotions and drama from each position I held in life to cross over into each other. Which caused me to play into the drama of life,  and all the stress. There was no balance, no guidance, I only knew what I knew.  My point is I wish there was a handbook for each situation I have dealt with in my life. Maybe I would not have taken so long to realize I needed better instructions! (lol).

I understand that each person is unique, and for that reason, there should be individual handbooks that come out with each person that makes their way into this world. Seriously, because each individual is different, and it would be nice to have instructions on how to deal with certain people or certain situations or even certain moods. Not everybody fits the norm! Think about it. Everybody doesn’t have the same morals and values and not everyone follows the bible, so how do you deal with people and situations? You need a handbook, with lots of side notes and specific instructions that’s how!

I thought a little humor with a tad bit of seriousness would be an interesting post tonight! I encourage you to understand your purpose in life and make your own handbook. Use your morals and values to guide you into your purpose in life! Take notes along the way and share them!

Live, Laugh, & Love!



“If you knew better, you would do better”


“Everyone feels at times like they’re missing a page or two out of the handbook that tells you how to live your life”

Simon Helberg



Agnes, M. Webster’s new world dictionary.

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