Lost Souls

What is a lost soul and how does it apply to your life?

I have always thought lost souls were souls that are damned. The Merriam Dictionary (2018) describes lost souls as lonely and unhappy people (Lost Soul, 2018). The Urban Dictionary (2018) defines lost souls as people who have faced a tragedy, so devastating that they will not allow themselves to love. They feel their sorrow has betrayed their trust and they have withdrawn (“Urban Dictionary: Lost soul”, 2018).

Lost souls apply to your life because you are surrounded by people who are lost every day.  We interact with lost souls on a daily basis, why do you think there is so much confrontation in the world; so much negative energy? People are lost, that’s why! People have let the pain of their past manifest into their present.

Ask yourself, are you happy? Are you letting the heartbreak and let downs of your past destroy you? Are you so lost that you are just functioning in life and do not know what you are functioning for? I encourage you to understand YOU, and your feelings, along with your thoughts and actions. I encourage you to take a look at yourself and take responsibility for the life you live. Find yourself, find a way to push past the devastation that causes you to remain lost!

Recognize where you may be lost in areas of your life.

You must self-reflect and ask yourself why do you continue to dwell on things of the past? Why do you keep repeating the same mistakes in life, over and over and over again? Why do you allow your negative energy to be passed off onto others?  You must take responsibility for “YOU” and what “YOU” put out into the world. Take responsibility for the part you play in your life! Own it, own every bad decision and every good decision, own every mistake and every triumph!

It is a necessity to be self-motivated to push past the pain! You have to want to push past it! You have to make it a priority to find yourself or you will remain lost. Strengthen your mind, your body, and your soul and surround yourself with positive people. I encourage you to tap into the passion that resides inside of  YOU and allow yourself to transform into your greatness. Stop allowing the pains of the past to destroy you, let it go! Move past it and grow from it!

You have the ability to do it! You were born to be great! You just have to want to do it!



“The soul which has no fixed purpose in life is lost; to be everywhere, is to be nowhere”

Michel de Montaigne

“I think the person creates the artist. And I think when you get lost within your person, your artistry get lost, too. It’s like in ‘Birdman.’ Because the artist inside you is attached to your soul. And when you’re not attached, to yourself anymore, the soul goes away. You can’t let that happen”

Monica Bellucci



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