What is “opposition” and how does it apply to your life?

An Opposition is defined by The New World Dictionary (2018) as resistance or dissent, expressed in action or argument (Agnes 2018).

How does opposition apply to your life?

An opposition is your resistance to accept something or could also be considered a barrier. When you allow the opposition to stop you from personal growth you are indeed resisting. An opposition is your actions or opinions about something you do not agree with, or refuse to understand. How many of you are resisting something positive happening in your life right now? How many of you are resisting personal growth, self-reflection, responsibility, honesty or how many of you refuse to change your approach?

That is what opposition is, the resistance to accepting something new or to defend why you won’t allow something new to happen. An opposition is those barriers that stop us from growing into our greatness. I encourage you to change your approach when you face opposition, so that you may grow into what you are destined to become.



“When we are accomplishing the good, the greatest opposition comes”

Joseph Smith Jr




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