Honest is defined by, Websters New World Dictionary (2018), as being truthful; or trustworthy. To be sincere or fair, to be frank, or open.

To be honest with one’s self: means to be true to who you are,  to how you feel, to what you value as a person, and what you desire from yourself and others.  In order to be honest with yourself, you have to look at yourself and what you produce. Are you a positive energy or are you a negative energy?

Be honest with yourself and analyze the energy that you produce. When you recognize what kind of energy you are, be honest with yourself and re-evaluate where you can be more positive at. Everyone has room for improvement.


“If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done”. Thomas Jefferson



Agnes, M. (n.d.). Webster’s new world dictionary.

(BrainyQuote, 2018)


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