Positive & Negative Energy

Positive Energy means positive things- desirable attributes. You should be around positive energy as much as possible. ( Positive energy produces positive results). Your surroundings should be positive, what you speak should be positive and what you feel should be positive.

Examples of positive surroundings: True friends, People who love you, church, school, anywhere that makes you feel good about yourself and the people that are around you!

Examples of positive speaking: Yes I Can; Yes I will; Yes I am; Surround yourself with people who speak positively!

Negative Energy means negative things, negative attributes. You should stay away from negative energy. ( Negative energy produces negative results) Remove yourself from being in the presence of negative energy and ignore people speaking in a negative manner.

Examples of negative surroundings: Chaotic situations; Aggressive relationships; Abusive relationships; Jail; Prison; Any place that makes you feel in a negative manner, or has negative things going on in it or around it.

Examples of negative speaking: Gossip; bullying; saying I can’t; saying I won’t; Anything spoken in a negative manner.


When you recognize the type of energy you surround yourself with every day, it helps you take a self-look at what you yourself are putting out into the world. 

Surround yourself with positive people and watch positive things happen

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